KARN vs. Chase Sinn

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I filmed this match in a warehouse in Chicago. Thousands of pedestrians unaware of the action happening just feet from them.

I make it no secret that Chase Sinn (5'7", 165 lbs) is, in my opinion, one of the most talented technicians in the wrestling game. I had the chance to study under him for many years and credit him for upgrading my wrestling game...amongst a few others that I mentored under.

Anyway, Chase Sinn is always chiseled and is ALWAYS up for a showing off his encyclopedic knowledge of wrestling. You'll see it in this match. He controls KARN (6'1", 195 lbs) easily with mat mastery.

KARN looks great, too. His wrestling mentors have seen lots of TV time and KARN has picked up world-class knowledge of pro wrestling. In his spare time, KARN pursues his dream of acting on small stages around the Midwest. His height, power and leverage show against the smaller, quicker and more technical foe.

Lots of creative and fun wrestling holds.

Total Run-time: 19 minutes

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So Hot I Just Came

Big fan of what Cam's put together, seen lots of matches. But DAMN! Right thru his career, been hot for Chase: that unfussy manliness, that skill, that body, a gentleman who can bring it HARD. And fuckin Karn like Testosterone Incarnate. Tell you a secret (this is a first). The TRAILER made me J.O. and pop in under 2 minutes. And Chase outside the ring putting it to Karn draped over the top ropes in the corner? DAMN! Cam keeps bringing in talent from ALL parts of the hotwrestling world: Seems like magic: if I've ever lusted for 'em, Cam's brought 'em in. Must be a man EVERYONE feels good about teaming with. HOT site. WHITE-HOT MATCH! Do it, Cam! Do it!

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