KARN vs. Brendan Cage

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It’s been a long day, and Karn’s taken enough crap. In struts Brendan Cage in shirt, knee pads, and shoes, looking like an awkward duck about to get dunked. Karn looks him over, and agrees to tie up with this pathetic pouncer. Finger locked, they stare into each other’s eyes for one moment. There’s a flicker of mutual respect between them, then Cage busts out his inner beast. 

He’s no fool, turns out, as he catches a surprised Karn in a neck-crushing hold. Karn barely blinks as he wriggles free and returns the favor to the gasping challenger, who suffers like a school bully finally getting his due. A mouthful of Karn’s armpit doesn’t render him useless, nor does a hair-pulling, head slamming, arm wrenching humiliation pose. Looks like Karn’s not his work cut out for him with this one. 

If you’re into bratty man-bitches who think they’re all that getting a heaping helping of expertly applied Boston crabs, face slaps, figure fours, and pony rides, all while screaming, sobbing, begging, and looking utterly stupid at the hands of the better man, this is the place to be! Karn is the master of all. Cage is the master of none. To each his proper place!

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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