KARN vs. Alvin James (A Rude Awakening)

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One of my recent favorites to watch in action has to be KARN. I think some others may agree with me. Am I right?

KARN is napping in the wrestling ring; peacefully dreaming of world domination. He thrives on being evil, even when he lies asleep like a big, tattooed baby.

Alvin sneaks into the picture. It's a bit awkward and creepy, but he slides into the ring and begins to lay on KARN attempting to pin him for a 3-count. "It's my thing." he explains. It seems weird.

KARN isn't pleased with this bizarre behavior from this interrupting intruder. He takes Alvin apart.

KARN is powerful and unrelenting. From sleeper holds to blatant chokes. Alvin is crushed by the strong thighs and arms of the now wide awake beast. It is mostly a one-sided showing from KARN that has Alvin regretting his fetish.

KARN drops the wanderer on his head with DDTs until he finally knocks him out with a beautifully executed tombstone.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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