KARN vs. Alex Oliver (Better Than You)

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Who says athletes can’t be cultured too? If you think Karn and Alex Oliver are impressive wrestlers, just wait until they get their Irving Berlin on, quoting lyrics from a 1940’s Broadway musical, before systematically destroying one another in the ring in a series of shit-talking tests of strength. 

But seriously, what’s better than watching two cocky cocks run each other into the ground? Isn’t that what wrestling’s all about...domination, competition, and showing the other dude up? These guys engage in a gentlemanly series of contests, starting with a pose off, push-up contest, and sit-up contest. Next it’s arm wrestling, with eyes locked and jaws set, followed by a full on, chest-to-chest, throw-your-head-back-and-scream-out-in-pain, finger-locked test of strength that leaves one man in a puddle of patheticness. A bearhug submission contest is the only option that follows, just before a breath-control battle and ball bashing. 

If you haven’t heard of Karn by now, you’ve got a cavalcade of seriously excellent matches to go back and watch. Here he sports a sweeping hairstyle and beefier frame than usual, which gives him an edge over his smaller opponent. Simply put, this dude is a brilliant as they come. If you’re into Chet Chastain, you’ll be into Alex Oliver, who could easily be his baby brother. What sets this party apart from others is the civil tone these guys lavish upon one another, in between bouts of sailor swearing and nasty fighting.

Total Run-time: 28 minutes

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