KARN & Chase Sinn vs. Travis Flash (Super Villain)

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“Submit to my will!” demands Karn, holding his youthful victim by the hair in the greenish glow of a punishment space. 

We join our story as the black and silver super villain (Karn) suffers the sluggish suffering of one Travis Flash. The red-speedoed stud with the boyish visage can barely match the metal of this wicked foe, enduring all the pressure, pain, and vintage-style dialogue this villain is able to dish out! Those pearly whites are exposed in a grimace of truest agony as this soft scrapper flails in the bear-trap of black Lycra thighs clamping down upon his neck. 

“Stop!” begs the lad. 

“I can’t stop!” cries the villain. “I can never stop!" If the full Lycra sleeves make you miss Karn’s signature body art, fear not...for it isn’t long before that bodysuit begins to peel away, revealing the powerful upper body that makes Karn such a perfect choice for a comic inspired match. 

Just when you start to think the sight of Karn’s flawless figure is too much to handle, in comes a second super villain who looks remarkably like Chase Sinn. That’s right, the two hottest hunks in the wrestling world today are teaming up to show Travis Flash the meaning of the world pain. Will the callow kid escape? Does he even want to escape? Tune in next time...

Total Run-time: 54 minutes

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Great camera angles!

This is such a wonderful match. Travis is a great jobber suffering beautifully. If you are a fan of squash match and sleeper hold, you don't want to miss this one. I especially enjoy the 2nd half of the match when Chase Sinn applied variety of long held choke holds on poor Travis until he is completely out and cold. Great match. The videography is great as well. This particular videographer zooms in more than typical matches I saw in membership section, and in a good way. I wish more matches can be shot with more closed up, especially when there is long holds applied, why keep camera at such a distance when it should be up and close on the suffering muscles.

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