Kalli vs. Tank

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What happens when you get two very large men face off against one another?  That is the question that is asked as Kalli stands across the ring from Tank.  Kalli is virtually sculpted from marble, every muscle and vein enhanced on his arms and chest, his pecs standing out from his upper body.  In comparison, Tank has a huge upper body.  Although not as muscular or defined as Kalli, he possesses powerful arms and chest.   Although both are relatively new the underground wrestling scene, Tank does have slightly more experience than Kalli.
Tank starts of by putting Kalli into a devastating bearhug.  Both combatants understand that one of the main requirements for the use of one's muscles is an adequate oxygen supply.  And so each grappler does their best to deprive their opponent of oxygen through ever increasing and tighter bearhugs.  Hoping to not only get their opponent breathing heavily, but also getting the, down on the mat is their first concern, and one does a great job of accomplishing this at different points.  Back and forth the two go, trading bearhugs until finally, Tank seems to have worn out Kalli.
As mentioned, the slight advantage of experience falls into Tank's column, and so he uses the opportunity of having Kalli on the mat to actually straight out choke him.  This restricts Kalli's lifeline to air even more, and it begins to take its toll.  Kalli falls further and further a victim of Tank's assaults and can barely keep himself standing.  When the final submission is achieved, Tank makes Kalli raise his hand in a sign of respect.  If you enjoy two big men going at each other, you will truly enjoy this battle of the behemoths, Goliath vs. Goliath!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 53 seconds

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Kalli outmuscled and manhandled

Both guys look amazing, in peak form. But Kalli's body is a work of art. Absolutely beautiful musculature. Even with all those muscles Kalli has built, Tank is clearly bigger than him and immediately takes control of Kalli. Tank spends the whole match punishing and humiliating Kalli and making him submit. It's hot to see a man as big and hot as Kalli completely at someone else's mercy. Great match

Jon C
Kalli Fan

Would love to see more of Kalli his body incredible. Hope to see more but did great for his debut.

Kalli in oil

would love to see Kalli in an oil wrestling match where he is put to sleep from sleepers and cobra clutches multiple times !! that would be an instant purchase for me !

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