Jungle Man vs. Nick Justice

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Jungle Man (Blake Starr) is feeling cocky, having laid waste to a bunch of Nick Justice’s minions before this episode begins. And when Justice himself shows up, pretending to be submissive, Jungle Man is lulled into a false sense of security. Justice does not know the meaning of submissive. He’s the evil sado-masochistic master who doesn’t need special powers to vanquish his prey. If he loses a few minions, he’ll just make more out of the foolish muscle hunks that get in his way, sentencing them to a life of service in his dungeon. Jungle Man will be no exception. He may think he’s king of the jungle with his washboard abs, incredible thighs, and cover-boy face, but he’s really just another pawn in the Justice game. 

Jamming a hypodermic needle into his opponent’s neck Justice warns him it’s poison. But he doesn’t want his foe dead, he just wants him submissive and pretty, ready to be dominated, so it’s really just a serum to fully make Jungle Man his bitch. He starts working Jungle Man’s nipples, twisting hard. The pain must be excruciating, but his clenching and flexing abs make for a great show. Justice plays dirty, reaching into his one-piece and pulling out a pair of pliers. Of course he uses it on the nipples, but why not the balls, too? And it won’t be the last of Justice’s dirty tricks. He’s got a nice thick piece of chain tucked away, too. 

As the serum wears off, Jungle Man has a moment of clarity and slams Justice in the head with the chain. With Justice stunned, Jungle Man submits him in a camel clutch, and then uses the ropes to get leverage for a neck scissors. Justice’s face is getting redder and redder from the pressure, but can you really hurt someone who gets off on being hurt? No. Even in a Boston crab, a fully cranked cross-face, or a chinlock, Justice demands that Jungle Man go even harder. His inability to go down wears Jungle Man out again, and 

even a claw to Justice’s crotch won’t do any good. It’s time for Justice to finish off the king of the jungle. And he’s got a special breed of snake to help him do it. Welcome to the dungeon, Jungle BOY! 

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 13 seconds

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Beauty and the Beast

Jungle man is a total babe! Sexy, gorgeous, handsome mug, fabulous body, and he suffers with aplomb. He knows how to show off his bod. Another ab claw would've been great, but that's my only criticism.
Well worth buying.

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