Jonny The Body vs. Santos

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Nothing can give a new wrestler more confidence than being in the ring with another, equally tenured wrestler.  All too often the newbies are thrown into the deep end against veteran wrestlers, like a sheep being thrown to the wolves.  It rarely ends well for the newbie.  When you are given a chance to wrestle an opponent of equal size, power and experience, it is then that you truly have a chance to show what you might be capable in the long run.  So, when Jonny the Body looks across the ring at Santos, each wrestler knows that they have a fair shot at coming out on top.
The match is a flurry of back and forth moves, trapping opponents in the corner and delivering shoulders to the midsection, leg scissors on the mat, splash after splash upon your prone opponent.  Neither Jonny nor Santos finds the opportunity to go for the killing blow, and so what we have here are two evenly matched combatants feeling each other out.  And just to show that they have learned from their times with the more experienced wrestlers, both wrestlers are well versed and not afraid to use a couple of cheap shots, with low blows being the cheat of choice.
In the end, there can only be one winner, however.  But will it be Jonny, who tries his hand at some trash talking when he has the advantage, but has little to say when the tables get turned on him?  Or will it be the nipple pierced Santos, a well defined stud who has found he has some trash talking ability in him as well.  It comes down to a final sleeper, where one of the pair is left sleeping the ring, and the other exits victorious, just to do some gymnastic worthy handstands on the ramp leading to the ring?  You'll have to watch to see which is which.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  18 minutes, 53 seconds 

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