Jonny The Body vs. Ricky Felix

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Jonny the Body and Ricky Felix come to the ring, with Jonny explaining that this is his first day and wants to learn.  Ricky is more than willing to offer the newbie some tips and begins to show him the basics of pro wrestling.  The problem becomes that after a quick exhibition in a lock up, Ricky takes every opportunity to really lock in every other move in an effort to weaken Jonny.  Somehow, Jonny manages to get out of each hold and turn the tables on Ricky, but only for a moment.
Headlocks and hammer locks are next on the lesson plan and it seems as though Jonny doesn't seem to realize that once Ricky has shown him exactly how to execute it, he will place the young grappler into the move for real.  Ricky seems pleased with himself with each successful hold, only to be amazed when Jonny seems to wiggle out and put him into a precarious position.  When Ricky sets Jonny up in the corner, spread eagled and delivers a set of field goal kicks to Jonnys "family jewels" all bets are off and the pretense of even showing moves flies out the window.
Ricky finally explains what his favorite move is - the wedgie, and he pulls one on Jonny so hard that his speedo becomes like a piece of floss up the crack of his ass, exposing Jonny's ass in all its glory.  Ricky isn't quite done with Jonny however, as he saves his best lesson for the end, a well executed sleeper hold which ends up sending Jonny off to Dreamland.  There is just one problem though, I don't think Jonny quite got to be able to see exactly how it was done, he was too busy nodding off in it.  Oh well, like you, he'll have to watch the video to get the exact details.  A great video of teacher and (sometimes willing) student.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 00 seconds

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