Jonny Firestorm vs. Steve D (Hotel)

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As a couple of the wrestlers are sitting around in the hotel room just relaxing, in come Jonny Firestorm to interrupt the fun.  He clearly has one thing in mind, and that is to engage one of them in what intends to be a complete one-way beatdown.  When the larger of the two excuses themselves, Jonny has his prey in his sights and his deconstruction of the pretty boy begins.  Steve D. may not know it, but he is the gazelle in the crosshairs of the cheetah that is Jonny Firestorm.
The action moves from bed to bed, from bed to floor, and anywhere and everywhere there is some open space.  Hard blows to the midsection of Steve D and delivered by Jonny.  Boston crabs and other holds meant to twist and turn Steve's body in ways not meant to twist and turn are applied as the young stud finds that he has no answer for the many and varied displays of Jonny's underground wrestling prowess.
I think it goes without saying that Jonny is able to rather easily defeat the wrestling greenhorn.  The fun is in the many ways Jonny tortures Steve and also displays the well defined stud's body for the camera to capture.  You will delight in seeing the length of Steve's abs open for punishment by Firestorm and also in the way, once defeated by a sleeper from Jonny, Steve D.'s body laying on the bed is a sight to behold.
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 28 seconds

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