Jonny Firestorm vs. Steve D (My Nuts, Bro)

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What do you get when you get one of the most tenured and experienced underground wrestlers in the ring with someone who practically wasn't even born when that wrestler began his storied career?  You get one of the most punishing matches in W4H history.  Jonny is not impressed with the newbie, who indicates he is the "future of this company".  In fact, he kind of takes exception and begins the deconstruction of the young Steve D.
Jonny gets more angry as the bout continues, even to the point that he can't be bothered with the ref that has been assigned.  When the ref tries to intervene, he pays heavily for his attempts to bring Firestorm back in line.  When a chair is introduced into the mat, no one, not opponent or referee, is spared being introduced to it.
In the end, Steve is not beaten, but totally dominated by the ring veteran Firestorm.  Just how many different excruciating holds Jonny can put Steve D in is the real question of the bout, and what trash talk Jonny will come up with next.  There is a definite feeling of Jonny not willing to hand over the underground reins to the next generation just he proves that there is still many more beatdowns left to give from his generation.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 45 seconds

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