Jonny Firestorm vs. Ricky Roman (Rip-and-Strip)

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Ricky Roman is stretching in the middle of the ring, preparing for his next opponent.  Out of nowhere, his adversary arrives, the underground wrestling legend Jonny Firestorm.  Clad in orange trunks with a spiderweb on them, Jonny begins by addressing the camera saying that Ricky has no idea what is in store for him.  What begins is a 20+ minute take down of another Firestorm opponent, as only Jonny can do.  Using all the tools in his underground wrestling tool belt, Ricky may soon rue the day that he decided he want to be a wrestler.
Without warning, Firestorm begins the onslaught on the ring rookie.  Blows to the back, ab claws, kicks and splashes are followed by an iron claw and then the first of what will become many sleeper holds on the unsuspecting Roman.  Slowly fading from consciousness, Jonny continues to address the camera the entire time, flipping between what he will do to the young grappler next and what his ultimate plans for Ricky are once the cameras are turned off.  Let's just say, Jonny has some less than admirable designs on Roman after he finishes beating him senseless.
Jonny is not just a pure beatdown type of wrestler though, he possesses superior wrestling skills and he also locks up Ricky in different holds, twisting, turning and pulling Roman in ways designed to deliver the greatest pain to his opponent.  However, Jonny also loves some good old fashion humiliation, and so ball grabs are followed by Jonny relieving Roman of his silver trunks to expose him to only a black thong.  Whatever you tastes on how one wrestler can systematically take apart another, I can guarantee that Jonny knows how to accomplish it and will utilize that skill in this outstanding bout!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  24 minutes, 32 seconds

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