Jonny Firestorm vs. Pablo Pecs (My Nuts, Bro)

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Let's be honest, Jonny Firestorm loves to inflict punishment on other people.  Let's be even more honest.  Jonny Firestorm loves it even more when he can inflict that punishment on a newbie.  Knowing both of those things, how do you think Jonny felt when he saw Pablo Pecs alone in the ring?  A lamb to the slaughter?  An easy mark?  A deer in headlights?   Choose your analogy, they are all true.  The enjoyment comes from seeing exactly how and to what degree he will make his opponent scream in pain.
Jonny is unrelenting in his attacks upon the well endowed Pablo.  Never one to even resort to a straight out chose, of course spends a considerable amount of time on one of his favorite targets, his opponents balls.  King of the ball bashing videos, Jonny grabs and twists and stomps on Pablo's huge bulge.  Jonny asks Pablo to give up, and although initially unwilling to do so, eventually the pain becomes to much to bear and he relents.  Unfortunately for him, submissions are just the beginning of the process for Jonny.
Full nelsons, head scissors and a tree of woe are all on the menu for Pablo, who screams he is unable to even move.  Just what Jonny wants.  More ball grabs and head scissors between the sizeable thighs of Firestorm and at last Pablo may be heading to slumbertown for the final time.  I don't think Pablo had quite this in mind when he agreed to face Firestorm, but a little research on his part would have given him a pretty good idea of what he faced when agreed to wrestle one of the greatest in underground wrestling.  Another tour-de-force from Jonny Firestorm.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  18 minutes, 04 seconds

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Awesome squash! Pablo looks amazing. I would love to see pablo pecs go up against Javier the hunk!

Hot match

Great destruction of Jonny firestorm. Hope to see Jonny destroys another newbie hunk Cuban Heartbreaker in a ring squash match

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