Jonny Firestorm vs. Logan Aarons (Hotel)

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If you are a new wrestler in the underground wrestling scene, there are certain opponents that you should probably steer clear from until you have some experience under your belt.  I would submit that Jonny Firestorm is one such opponent.  The problem?  Jonny LOVES wrestling newbies and putting them through their paces, showing them exactly what the pecking order is in the underground wrestling world.  Logan either isn't aware of this, or just plain doesn't care - neither of which is a very situation for him.  As he will soon find out.
After some posing for the camera, Logan welcomes Jonny to his room, however, Jonny is a little pissed that he had to walk the corridors of the hotel in his purple trunks.  When Jonny asks for a hook to hang up his jean jacket, before Logan can reply, Jonny has wrapped the jacket around Logan's head and has a firm grasp of Logan's balls.  What follows is just another example of how Jonny treats new wrestlers, putting them in some of the most embarrassing situations and stretching them and pulling them in ways they probably did not expect to be pulled.
Logan is not without some skills, however.  He reverses a figure four leglock like he has been wrestling for several years, and manages to also put Jonny in some compromising positions, but in the end, he is no match for wile and skill of Jonny, someone who is able to use virtually any prop to his advantage (see where he put a bottle of water here and what he does with it!).  Although new wrestlers should probably steer clear of Jonny until they have more experience, there is also something to be said for learning from one of the very best right at the beginning!  It may make some wrestlers learning curve that much shorter!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  19 minutes, 30 seconds

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