Jonny Firestorm vs. Kalli

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Jonny Firestorm.  The very name conjures up some of the very best underground wrestling matches that have ever been filmed.  With a resume that spans a decade of taking apart opponents both smaller and larger than him, Jonny is known in the business as one of the best trash talking, technically gifted wrestlers that is or has ever stepped into the squared circle.  Here he faces the larger and much more muscular Kalli, a man whose very anatomy accentuates every muscle and vein in his body.   Posing for the camera at the onset, Kalli clearly has spent a lot of time in the gym.
If anyone, let along Kalli, think that in any way intimidates Jonny, then they don't know Jonny Firestorm.  Bigger men may mean bigger challenges, but to Jonny, it just means that a different strategy is needed in order to achieve his goals.  Starting with a low blow, Kalli crumbles to the mat at the onset.  Applying several professional and amateur holds on the big man, Kalli learns what it's like to be in a match against one of the legends of underground wrestling.  But does Kalli have a surprise for Jonny?  Something that may even the odds.
Jonny learns that all of Kalli's muscles and veins aren't just for show, and Kalli knows how to use them to his advantage in the bout.  Rarely is Jonny seen so often on the defensive as Kalli seems to rebound from each of his attacks, not only rebounding, but often also going on the offensive.  Using his impressive power, there are tests of stength that Kalli is destined to win, and when the action spills outside the ring, Kali seems to gain his second wind as he puts the hurt to Jonny.  Who will end up getting their hand raised in the end?  You'll have to watch to find out, but I guarantee you you will not disappointed!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  25 minutes, 53 seconds

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