Jonny Firestorm vs. Justin Rage

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Let's be honest, whenever someone steps in the ring with an underground wrestling legend like Jonny Firestorm, you expect them to get the snot beat out of them.  Most people believe that, and so does Jonny.  Jonny firmly believes, almost to his detriment, that there is no one who can best him in the squared circle.  So when Firestorm finds himself staring across the ring at Justin Rage, a smaller, less powerful opponent, he is supremely confident, and who could blame him.
But the old adage of "Don't judge a book by their cover" absolutely applies here and almost from the get-go, Rage is all over Jonny, grabbing a quick armbar, bring Firestorm to the mat, slapping on move after move after move so flawlessly and in such a determined manner that Jonny does not have enough time to even know what hit him.  Rage also seems quite infatuated with Jonny's body, especially his chest hair, which he adoringly caresses at multiple times through the mat.  Perhaps it is the lack of his own chest hair that Justin envies Jonny's so much.
Firestorm has rarely been in such a precarious situation as you will find him here.  Never able to actually mount an offense due to the speed and deliberateness of Rage, I think you would be hard presses to find another situation in which Jonny is so outclassed in a bout.  For that reason alone this is a must see for any Firestorm completists.  If you ever wanted to see one of the ring legends be totally handed his ass, this match will be right up your alley and satisfy that desire in spades!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 25 seconds

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Very intense and powerful !

This is really a hot match. Jonny manhandled by Justin is shocking but amazing! Jonny has always been a vicious heel but this will change will opinion. Justin definitely shows a lot of promise and the way he makes Jonny powerless is a sight to behold! wrestler4hire team did a great job doing this match and we need more matches like these ! Bravo!

Johnny dominated and worshipped

Great squash match. Johnny is able to put up a little offense at first but as his arms get disabled he quickly become a toy for Justin. Justin doesn't just put him in submission holds but also in humiliating positions. And Justin gropes Johnny's much bigger muscles throughout the match. Must buy for any big fans of Johnny Firestorm, he really sells here. Also must buy if you like seeing a smaller guy subdue and worship a more muscular guy.

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