Jonny Firestorm vs. Forrest Taylor (Squashed)

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As we join the match, Forrest is already in the clutches of a determined Jonny Firestorm.  Talking directly to the camera, Jonny tells us that he is the master and is going to make his newest opponent be the ultimate jobber, and submit not once, not twice, but as many times as "the Master" sees fit. 
Forrest doesn't seem to realize why he is in the situation, the only he does know is that he is the receiver of a lot of pain, and it doesn't look like that is about to change any time soon.
With the advantage, Firestorm presses the point and drops Taylor over his knee in a back breaker, he picks him up on his back and he puts Forrest out with multiple sleeper holds.  Forrest can do little but scream in agony, as Jonny intertwines his legs with Forrest's in a punishing hold.  Forced to scream, "I quit, Master!" only brings temporary relief from his torture, and Jonny comes back at his toy once again, with twice the ferocity as the last time.  Ball grabs and boots to his balls only serve to remind Forrest who is in charge.
One final extended Cobra Clutch sends Forrest to Dreamland and Jonny goes on an monologue to the camera reminding the viewer who is in charge, and that he will be coming for them soon.  Having taught his new student exactly where they fall in the wrestling hierarchy, Jonny decides he is not done and intends to take Forrest with him for more training.  It begins with Forrest being thrown out of the ring and serving as Jonny's stairs to leave the ring area.  Jonny has rarely been so focused and so deliberate in his ring dealings.  A true masterclass in how to bend someone to your will.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  29 minutes, 52 seconds

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