Jonny Firestorm vs. Forrest Taylor (Punched & Chopped)

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You ever have one of those days?  You show up for something, thinking one thing is going to happen, only to have something else occur.  I am sure, when Forrest Taylor agreed to wrestler the ring veteran Jonny Firestorm, he thought that he would be able to defeat him.  I highly doubt he would have thought that within the first five minutes of the match, his chest and abdomen would be a nice shade of dark red from all of the blows they had endured.  Jonny is finishing a bottle of wine and is hankering to beat on someone, and Forrest just happens to be the first someone Jonny sees.
Jonny is nothing if not fair though, and so he takes the time to make Forrest's back equally red with several massive stomps to the center of Forrest's back.  Soon, all parts of Forrest and crimson and Jonny is just getting started.  There is no respite for Forrest, no safe space for him.  When Jonny does throw him outisde the ring, the beatdown takes and ever more sadistic turn.  Brooms, fans, and garage doors all factor into what Forrest's body is thrown into.  And when Jonny decides to move the action back into the ring, he does so while bringing a steel chair with him.
And the steel chair factors into the remainder of Forrest's torture.  His ankle, an arm, his head and more are all place within the folds for Jonny to stomp away at.  Bodyslammed onto the steel chair delivers pain to Forrest's back the likes of which I doubt he has ever experienced.  In all honesty, this video has the most sadistic, cringe worthy blows of any video you are likely to see.  The welts and red skin on Forrest is not makeup, it is not CGI, they are real, and they hurt just watching the video.  Don't pass this video up.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  18 minutes, 45 seconds

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