Jonny Firestorm vs. Ethan Andrews (Hotel Ball Bash)

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When one hears the term ball bash, there is really only one wrestler who comes to mind:  Jonny Firestorm.  Jonny has cornered the market in delivering satisfying after satisfying ball bash match against some of the best wrestlers in the underground wrestling scene, and here he takes on another underground veteran:  Ethan Andrews.  Which causes a problem for Jonny.  Most of the wrestlers Jonny has met in a ball bash match have been relatively newer folks, who really don't know what hits them as Jonny first pummels them down and then focuses on their balls as his main target.
Here, both Jonny and Ethan meet in the hotel room expecting to wrestle "Mr. Platinum".  When they see each other, it becomes instantly apparent that they have both been duped and Mr. Platinum is not showing up.  After a few seconds, Ethan decides to put Jonny in a bearhug and the substitute match is on.  Ethan gets the first blow to the balls in first when during a move dropping Jonny onto one of the hotel beds, his knee collides furiously with Jonny's balls.  But Jonny quickly recovers and he knows just what to do, and begins his onslaught on Ethan.
And let's face it, Ethan has a HUGE target for Jonny.  He is known for his substantial bulge and so Jonny has a large and clear target with which to focus his attention.  As mentioned though, Ethan is no wrestling newbie, and he comes back at Jonny hard and strong, even using a metal bar as he attacks the wrestling veteran.  It is not until some final moves (a Razor's Edge followed by a piledriver) that Ethan is finally down for the count.  Jonny stradles Ethan's face (his own bulge placed firmly in Ethan's face) and counts to three.  We see Jonny usher Ethan out of the camera view and into the bathroom for undoubtedly some more humiliation.  A great entry into the Ball Bash series!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 29 seconds

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