Jonny Firestorm vs. Danaconda (My Nuts, Bro)

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Danaconda is in the ring stretching for his next opponent.  After a few minutes, it is suddenly revealed that his opponent is none other than one of the pillars of underground wrestling - Jonny Firestorm.  Firestorm has more than a decade experience in the ring, while Danaconda still has that "new jobber, fresh from the factory smell".  On its surface, this matchup seems like it is incredibly lopsided, and yet we have seen in the past where a seemingly outmatched newbie has been able to show a ring veteran that they should never take any opponent for granted.

Jonny begins by putting the rookie into a bearhug, to which Danaconda can only scream in agony.  From there, Firestorm breaks out his virtual encyclopedia of wrestling moves and maneuvers, all designed to not only inflict pain on the well endowed Danaconda, but also to demoralize and put the youngster in his place.  As Jonny has a history of doing, he spends a fair amount of his time focusing on his opponents rather impressive bulge, whether exposing it as his places Danaconda spread eagled in the corner, or just some good old fashion ball grabs causing Danaconda to plead for mercy.

Danaconda has yet to notch a victory in W4H and appears as though his ability to grab one here against one of underground wrestling's true hall of famers is seriously limited.  Can Danaconda find the answer to stave off the relentless onslaught from Firestorm, or will Jonny once again have his way with another wrestler, further cementing his legacy as one of wrestling greatest when it comes to dishing out punishment in new and varied ways?  You'll have to watch to find out!

TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 28 seconds

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