Jonny Firestorm vs. Cameron (Barn Battle)

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I was hunting through old videos when I found this classic. It took some convincing but Jonny has decided to let me release it to the public.

This 34 minute match takes place late at night (just before midnight, if I recall right) in an old barn in New England. It's actually Jonny's most common frequent location. We were hanging out a lot during this time and a little trash talking led us out back to the barn where the ring was being housed.

It starts off as a nice back-and-forth competitive match with each of us showing off our arsenal of holds and skills. Scissor holds (both body and head) are utilized. Jonny pulls off some amazing holds that bend me in half (leg nelson, cradles, etc.) and others that stretch me dreadfully (suspended surfboards, Boston crabs, etc.).

I get in my own licks on Mr. Firestorm. I catch him with some slick holds, cradles of my own and a signature Surfboard that humiliates the legendary heel.

We counter each other with increased rule breaking. I dig on a nice pec claw, but Jonny picks up his intensity and begins reversing my holds. The dirty tactics pick up (wedgies and more) before spilling outside of the ring. I'm pinned hard against the ring apron while having my hair ripped from my head.

Soon I'm tied in the ropes being punished with ball claws and gut punches. Jonny is a violent ball basher and I have to suffer for a lengthy time...what seems like forever in my mind.

The sweat is dripping now. I'm not about to let Jonny get away without getting some cheap shots of my own in. I return the favor with a few handfuls of my own on Jonny's family jewels.

It's almost no use. Jonny is almost never beaten. I finally reach my limit and fall victim to my best friend.

Total Run-time: 34 minutes

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