Jonny Firestorm vs. Caleb Klein

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There are few names more recognizable in the world of underground wrestling than the name of Jonny Firestorm.  With literally decades of experience, most opponents of Firestorm would be shaking in their boots if they saw Jonny staring at them from across the ring.  However, Caleb Klein is not like any other wrestler.  A superb talent with equal confidence to go along with it, he is not afraid to tell Jonny that he is not impressed and it will take more than just his reputation to beat him.
Jonny gets in Caleb's face and soon the battle is joined.  Both grapplers possess impressive wrestling skills, and they use the entire compliment of their wrestling tool-belt against each other.  Each wrestler is attemting to put their opponent down for a 10 count, and although there are several close calls, neither is able to notch the win.  Figure four leglocks, straight on vicious blows, some underhanded tricks, DDTs and some piledrivers are all on the menu as the pair go back and forth.
It is said that competitors go at each other "Tooth and nail" in a truly intense manner.  If that is the case, then Firestorm and Klein throw in not only a single tooth, but a whole set of teeth and not only a single nail but the whole damn toolbox.  This is fast, this is intense, this is punishing and this is delightful.  Watching these two pros go at each other is a true wonder to behold.  It is only with a final cobra clutch that a ten count is finally achieved, and then, as if to punctuate the win, the victor curb stomps his opponent and delivers even more pain with the help of a nearby folding chair.  You will not want to miss this!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  27 minutes, 57 seconds

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Evan Wreslt
Amazing HOT Jonny Jobber

Rare video to find of Jonny being a jobber

Action packed !

This match was action packed ! Everything you want in a Firestorm vs Caleb Match . Two pros going at it and never backing down with one coming on top ! High Octane moves with a hot ending ! Love this !

Rick Kern Kern
Really hot!

Jonny and his dad bod are relentlessly tortured.

Matt Heishman

Pro wrestling perfection , great gear, great attitudes, submission holds, finishers...couldn't ask for more! Definitely have watched this numerous times already.

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