Jonny Firestorm & QT Rawlins vs. Tank (2-on-1)

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Jonny Firestorm has accumulated quite a body of work in the underground wrestling scene, and he does not take to losing lightly.  So when he teams up with someone else, he makes sure it is someone who is just as committed to winning as he is.  In this case, Jonny tags with QT Rawlins, a big man with an impressive upper body.  Speaking of upper bodies though, there are few people who can match the upper body strength of Tank, who just happens to be the pairs opponent on this particular occasion.  Can the duo chop the big man down to size?
After helping other prepare by stretching out, Rawlins and Firestorm agree Tank in the ring, offer the challenge, which is accepted, and then begin their double team on the behemoth.  Jonny has more experience and so decides to come up from behind while Tank is assualting QTR.  Jumping on the back of Tank, sleepering the huge wrestler, Tank slowly begins his descent down to the mat, exactly where Firestorm and QTR need him to even the odds.  Doing a few chicken wing splits, a head-butt right to Tank's crotch and even deadlier elbow to the same area has Tank rolling around in pain.
Jonny especially enjoys trash talking while he is beating down his opponents, and he doesn't disappoint here.  Tank never understands what hit him from the onset, all he knows is the intense pain, especially in his crotch, is debilitating.  Put to sleep multiple time in various sleeper holds, the big man wades in an out of consciousness, only aware the he has no defense against this deadly pair.  Unfortunately, he does not get to see QTR and Jonny posing over him victorious as he is down and out.  A true dissection of a big man done in a way only Jonny Firestorm can!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  25 minutes, 22 seconds

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