Johnny Moon vs. Beast (Dirty Ref)

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As a wrestler, you know you may be in trouble when a referee seems to obviously be in the corner of your opponent.  When the referee is actually recommending moves for your opponent to put you in, that bias raises to a whole new level.  That is the predicament Johnny Moon find himself in.  Although the ref is spouting how impartial and down the middle of the road he will call the bout, actions speak louder than words, and in this instance, the referee's actions are actually a very loud scream of who he wants to win this bout.
Virtually a complete beat down of the blond haired Johnny by the Beast, any time Jonny does seem to even attempt any offense, he is warned off by the referee that he is breaking the rules.  When Beast then does the exact some thing, the referee compliments Beast on how he is doing things "by the book".  Of course, Beast really doesn't need the ref's assistance, as he outweighs Johnny by quite a lot, which makes the presence and actions of the ref all that more egregious.  It's one thing to cheat to win, it's another thing to cheat when you really don't need to.
In the end, the result of this bout was obviously never in doubt, Johnny was always meant to lose, and with the referee being in Beast's corner, he was going to make sure Johnny DID lose.  Anything other than that just wasn't in the cards.  It is too bad for Johnny, who has had a difficult time in his bouts thus far, being outweighed, out-powered, outwrestled and now, outplayed in his time in W4H.  One can only hope that he soon finds an opponent that he can have a decent chance against, because honestly, this wasn't it.

If you love watching a big man totally dominate a blond-haired, blue-eyed stud, this match will tick all your boxes!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  18 minutes, 05 seconds

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