Johnny Moon & Drake Vaughn vs. Beast

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You'd be forgiven if at the start of this video you were under the impression that this was a bout between Drake Vaughn and Johnny Moon.  The pair are loosening up and posing against each other at its onset, however, it is not until they both enter into the ring that you realize that this is a 2 on 1 bout between the pair of Vaughn and Moon, and the massive individual known as Beast. He is a mountain of a man, nearly as heavy as Drake & Johnny combined.  The pair of young wrestlers make some mistakes from the beginning. Needless to say, it does not go well.
But to say that things don't go well for the younger, more inexperienced pair of Vaughn and Johnny is perhaps the understatement of the year.  They seem to have no coherent plan in battling the big man.  Although they do have momentary glimpses of offense, these evaporate rather quickly, and Beast ends up playing with his new toys again, with devastating results.  Drake and Johnny just cannot seem to breakthrough the size and power advantage, and soon it just overwhelms them completely, leaving them to just absorb everything Moon Beast throws at them.
Beast does a good job of keep the pair separated in the ring.  While he throws one of the pair into the corner of one side of the ring, and then very strategically throws the other person into the opposite side, so the pair has no chance to try and work together.  He then moves back and forth between the two, punishing each for a time, before moving back to the other combatant.  In one rather sadistic sequence, Beast spreads the legs of each as they are sitting in opposite corners and delivers a punt to their balls that leaves them screaming in pain.   This is a beatdown of 2 wrestlers by a big man the likes of which you have seldom seen!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  19 minutes, 54 seconds

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