John Wolfboy vs. Zach Altovito (Big vs. Small)

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I think it is fair to say that if you haven't Zach Altovito in a while, you HAVEN'T seen Zach Altovito.  In many ways, the new Zach Altovito is nothing like the old one.  Sure, the previous version of Zach was muscular and powerful, but when you get a look at Zach in this video, the old Zach is like a 98 lb. weakling.  This Zach is JACKED!  Muscles layered upon muscles, virtually stacked upon one another.  His forearms are the size of watermelons, his neck and upper back muscles like something out of a greek marble statue.  If you are not impressed by the new Zach, then I fear there is little to impress you.
That brings us to John Wolfboy.  He is impressed by Zach, but he is not in any way deterred from his mission to defeat Zach.  You see, John has been around the underground wrestling scene for a few years and he has learned two important lessons: 

1.)  Big men aren't worth their weight when they are on their backs on the mat and
2.)  It takes A LOT of oxygen to keep men that size moving.  Deprive them of that all important oxygen and they fall like Redwoods.  So John sets out about his task by blindsiding Zach and jumping on his back, getting him into a tight sleeper hold.
Slowly, Zach goes down to one knee, then both knees, and then lying on his stomach as John keeps the sleeper hold on.  Fading away, John knows almost immediately that he will have the bout won.  He does allow Zach to get to his feet periodically, but only to strangle him or otherwise obscure his ability to take in oxygen.  This causes Zach to one again fall to the mat and John moves from head scissors to chin locks, to claws and back again virtually at will.  If you thought going into this match was that David doesn't stand a chance against Goliath, think again.  John had a plan, stuck to it, and achieved the victory in impressive fashion.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 20 seconds

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Making big eyes

Zach Altovito (Geno) is probably someone who you would call to protect you from someone who makes trouble to you. You would probably make big eyes and get horny when you see his huge muscles and probably ask him to worshiped them. But a much turn on is when you see how a skinny jumps on such a huge bodybuilder like Geno and trying to choke him, even when you know that Geno could lift that dude easily with one arm.

Toby Pax
Small Tops Big

Zach is a huge hairy muscle bear taken down and dominated by John
Wolfboy who is about one-third of Zach's size. John is smug as he puts Zach in different submission holds. Zach's helpless, hairy muscles are exposed and very sexy to see.

Love a big guy crashing down

I have always enjoyed big guys being dominated, and Zach is as big as they get. Seeing him humiliated is very satisfying. More of this please! (I'd prefer Zach shaved though - can't see all the muscles under the fur...)

muscle jobber

LOVE the big muscle jobber being squashed and humiliated - awesome!

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