John Wolfboy vs. Nathan FX

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John Wolfboy (5'7", 135 lbs, Pennsylvania)

Nathan FX (6'1", 163 lbs, Illinois)

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 41 seconds


John Wolfboy is easily one of the most beautiful grapplers in the business. His recent match against Ethan Andrews is one for the books. Nathan FX shares Wolfboy’s leanness, stretching is a barely there lavender speedo, as well as sneakers and socks. Something about Nathan FX in this setting feels off, like he might be too sophisticated for a legit no holds barred battle. 

John wraps his legs around Nathan’s upper body, forcing Nathan to slam John to the mat several times with a reverberating thud. Nathan can’t immediately break the hold, but is able to roll on top of John for a fleeting moment. John leans back into what is slowly but surely turning into a figure four, as Nathan tosse his head back with abandon, finally tapping when John’s feet can lock no tighter. 

Now Nathan is rethinking his strategies. Both men tied up, and for a moment it look s like it’s gonna be a gentlemanly game of dancing around, when suddenly both men are driving full force into the mat in a messy bid for superiority. Grinning John pulls Nathan into a spladle. The camera captures the humiliating hold up close, as Nathan’s miniscule speedo barely contains anything. Nathan grips at John’s bare ankle, his face a contortion of rage and pain. Pelvis to pelvis, they strain and glare with hateful expressions. John wraps his legs around Nathan’s neck, leaving the already miserable man to arch and buck in desperation before finally tapping. This is gonna be one hell of an even match! 

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Nathan is one of my favorites. I wish I could reach out to him on any social platform.

now that's how a match should end!

one of the hottest sub wrestling matches I've ever seen! Get this one, now way you'll be disappointed.


Excellent, more like this please

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