John Bronco vs. Vinny (Thongs)

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Both Bronco and Vinny are impressive specimens of muscular men. No two ways about it, they are something to behold.  Here the pair are posing, showing off the work they have done on their bodies.  Filmed at dusk, with just a light off to one side, the match gives the impression it was filmed by a campfire, much to the delight of the viewer.  When the pair do finally connect, it is not to fight one another, but rather to help the other stretch and get ready for what lies ahead.  The two seem to enjoy having the others hands on them, probing and pushing and stretching.
The duo decide to drop to the mat and have an arm wrestling competition.  When one manages to best their opponent in 2 out of 3 falls, the other gets upset, and it is then that the true fisticuffs begin.  A test of strength morphs into a bearhug which is then reversed and the two break, flexing and posing as only two alpha males can.  When the two connect again, a full nelson turns into a muscle worship session as even this pair (like us) needs to appreciate the body of their opponent.  A sleeper hold does not see one person pose over their sleeping partner, but rather running their hands across the back and legs of their prone opponent.
Speaking of sleeper holds - when the end for one person eventually comes, it is in the form of a sleeper.  There is something very satisfying watching a big, muscular Adonis have all of the strength fade from him until he is lying face up on the mat, unaware of what has happened to him.  Here, more muscle worship occurs, with the victor feeling every inch of the unconscious stud, paying special attention to the thigh muscles.  Squeezing and rubbing them in satisfaction, I am beginning to think that was the goal of the match all along, any of the real wrestling was just an added bonus!  A hot match between two hard bodied wrestlers!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  24 minutes, 21 seconds

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