John Bronco vs. Donevan

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Donevan and Bronco are in the ring, each stretching.  It is apparently that both of these individuals, while new to W4H, know their way around a set of barbells.  Each with a sculpted body toned through years of rigorous training, it is as though two Roman statues came to life.  And they don't mind posing for the cameras either, after all, if they went to all the trouble to get their bodies in such tremendous shape, it is only fitting that they should get to show them off.  Staring across each other in the ring, they shake hands, and the battle is now joined.
Donevan takes the early advantage, throwing Bronco to the mat, stretching his legs and then grabbing him in a headlock from behind.  It's not long before these turns into a leg scissor and then the two find themselves back on their feet, in a test of strength.  This time, Bronco is not to be outdone and his is upon Donevan, putting him in all the moves he had just found himself in.  Back and forth the two go in an extremely even bout.  It will take a single mistake by one combatant for their opponent to capitalize on and achieve the victory.
As expected, there is little to no trash talking here, the two have the bodies to do all their talking and at times, their bodies scream power.  You will be astound when Bronco goes from having his head between Donevan's legs in a leg scissor to just lifting the large man up to where Donevan is now on Bronco's shoulders, with only one way to go.  If you enjoy seeing two incredible specimens on manhood go one on one in just a power versus power match, this video will tick all your boxes!  You won't be sorry with this one, just sit back and admire the two!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 45 seconds

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