John Bronco vs. Alex Garcia (Rookie Wrecker)

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Sometimes there are wrestlers who are just too eager to lock up with another wrestler.  Bronco is in the ring, loosening up when he is joined by Alex Garcia.  Clad in a shiny silver speedo, Alex figures he will also get some time to stretch and prepare as well, but as he is doing so, Bronco comes stomping across the ring, grabs the rookie, lifts him onto his shoulders and then deposits him onto the campus like so much garbage.  Bronco is far from done however, as that is just the start of the punishment he will be dishing out to the young Garcia.
Up and down Garcia goes, from the shoulders, to the mat, to Bronco's knee, back to the mat where Bronco then plants himself squarely in lower back of Garcia as he pulls back in a modified camel clutch.  After each and every power move, Bronco takes a moment to pose for the camera, letting everyone know, including Alex, who is in charge and displaying exactly why that is the case.  More power moves in the form of bearhugs, over the back backbreakers, lifted chokeholds and more all serve to further weaken Alex, as if further weakening was anything Bronco needed to control the young stud.
Although Alex admits that he gives up, that does not end the punishment he needs to endure as Bronco once more breaks out a "greatest hits" litany of power moves, all designed to cement in Alex's mind who or what it was that truly controlled him.  Bodyslams, bearhugs, and backbreakers (oh my!), all lead to final modified dragon sleeper which leaves Alex heading off the Dreamland resting on one of Bronco's thighs while the big man poses.  If you enjoy a complete and utter dissection of a hard bodied stud, then this video will be for you!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  19 minutes, 51 seconds

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