Joey Nux vs. Zach Reno (Knock Outs)

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Circling each other in the ring, Joey Nux and Zach Reno are studying each other before locking up. While Joey has a decided size advantage, the number of underground wrestling matches Zach has been in dwarves Joey’s tally. It will be another of the age old battles of size vs. experience in this bout. Zach is the first to learn that size definitely has it’s advantages as he quickly goes down to a sleeper hold in the clutches of the big man. But Zach bounces right back with a sleeper of his own. At the end of each fall, the loser loses their shirt.

Sometimes a size difference can be overcome and other times the difference between the two combatants is just so great that it can only be minimized, but never truly overcome. Zach finds in this match that although he can get in some offense from time to time, in the end there is little he can against the much bigger man.

The victim of suplexes, pile drivers and multiple sleeper holds (in which Zach is displayed beautifully for you the viewer), this is a gorgeous example of Joey’s power just running over another individual.

Total Run-Time: 21 minutes, 13 seconds

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