Joey Nux vs. Z-Man (Bro Battle)

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Joey Nux is an impressive specimen of a man. We see him practicing his leg scissors with beach balls in a very revealing light blue speedo. He lets us know that soon his opponents head will be where the beach balls were. Z-Man, by contrast to Nux, has maintained an incredible physique seemingly forever, but this time, clad in a red speedo, finds out that he cannot cash the checks his mouth is writing.

Slowly, deliberately, Z-Man is sleepered, stretched and forced to submit. However, Z-Man hasn’t gotten to where he is without having some tricks up his sleeve. An elbow to Joey’s crotch, followed by a blow from behind, and then the introduction of a garden hose and the odds are even as Joey is soon on his knees.

Do I have to say that Joey is none too pleased with the tactics of the Z-Man? Eventually Z-Man’s head ends up just where the beach balls were earlier and the torture of Z-Man resumes. Nux is eventually stradling Z-Man delivering blow after blow to the prone Z-Man. Z-Man reaches down for another dirty tactic with a low blow and just like that the situation has turned once again.

But for how long? Does Joey rally once again, or does Z-Man keep the bigger grappler on the mat with more dirty tricks and eke out a win? I’ll only say that in the end one wrestler is put to sleep displayed for all to see and the other gets a refreshing dip in the pool. But which one? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Total Running time: 19 minutes, 51 seconds

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