Joey Nux vs. Viktor

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It’s hard to find a body more impressive than Joey Nux’s. The dude’s go it all. But Viktor might just give Joey a run for his money. Viktor has brawn, beef, and something else...power! Joey’s classic physique may be no match for the golden-skinned, bearded Russian bear that is Viktor. He’s so massive, he’s practically popping out of his speedo!

These dudes push each other around the ring like expert dancers, their every move slow, calculated, and deliberate. It’s like watching two dudes each try to move a pile of rocks. Muscles are bulging in forehead-to-forehead, chest-to-chest tests of strength like something out of an old gladiator or Hercules movie. Joey wraps his arms around Viktor’s torso, attempting to squeeze the life out of the big brute...but the sheer effort leaves him in a state of they fumble to the floor.

Joey schoolboy pins Viktor, straddling him like a pro. He ties lifting him, throwing him...but he’s too big for that. So arm wrestling is the next test, as each man locks up and goes at it with bulging arms, dripping sweat, and deep, guttural groaning. Next it’s sweaty scissors, as these big boys slip and slide between each other's sweat covered thighs...each of them glistening with sweat in the light as they gasp and rage and roll and wonder who will come out on top!   

Run time: 22 minutes, 50 seconds

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