Joey Nux vs. Todd The Rod (Sleepers)

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Joey Nux is looking better than ever before. This dude’s body is almost mind blowing. We’re talking triceps, deltoids, and insane trapezius muscles in addition to his already sick thighs, biceps, abs, and pecs. And when this tattooed dude starts to sweat, he looks like a god. But a body like Joey’s takes a lot of hard work, and he’s looking for a good workout. Enter...Todd the Rod?

Todd’s a meaty, pale, hairy guy who looks like he should be managing an office somewhere. In his tighty whities and red boots with his carpet of black chest hair...well, he doesn't look like he could do anything to a jock like Joey. Yet somehow, within seconds of their first lockup, Joey is jobbing for this average Joe like it’s his job!

Joey is sleepered, choked, gagged, and gouged until he’s red in the face. Could this be the end of the body builder? Nah, Todd’s got a lesson of his own to learn as his hairy bod is nelsoned, cameled, and crushed by Joey. But Joey’s still got some fight in him? Who will come out of this victorious? The muscle bound bodybuilder, or the meaty dudebro?  

Run time: 20 minutes, 42 seconds

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