Joey Nux vs. Todd The Rod (Sleepers - Re-match)

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Joey Nux looks buffer and better than ever before. As he bounces and jabs in the ring wearing only a black and white singlet, it’s almost impossible to take your eyes off of him. Maybe that’s why it’s hard to notice Todd the Rod sneaking up behind this living god. 

Todd the Rod possesses all the threat and menace of a guidance counselor, what with his pale, beefy, hairy body and cheesy trash talk. He’s an everyman compared to Joey, and what every man could ever hope to beat a buff and beautiful beast like the one and only Joey Nux? 

But this everyman manages to surprise the god, squeezing the life and the air out of him like a beach ball on the last day of summer vacation. Todd strips off his own shirt, puffing himself up like a real pro, as he strangles and chokes the better man again and again. Joey gags, gasps, coughs, chokes, retches, and fights for air for over twenty minutes, as his singlet is ripped to shreds, leaving him vulnerable, covered in sweat, and even a little bloody! Watch the everyman choke the perfect man, in this aggressive, brutal, sweaty punishment session!

Total Runtime: 20 minutes, 37 seconds

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more like this..

Looks like a hot match !! Would love to see more matches like this with Todd The Rodd doing this to Scrappy , Blake Starr or Christian Thorne...
Would be an instant purchase for me!

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