Joey Nux vs. Scrappy

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Joey Nux (6'1", 230 lbs, California)

Scrappy (5'7", 165 lbs, Kentucky)

Total Run-time: 19 minutes, 4 seconds


Scrappy has an impressive split, an impressive musculature, and an impressive wrestling resume. But NHB grappling is something different, and Scrappy has learned this the hard way. Having a cut bodybuilder bod doesn’t necessarily make you the best competitive grappler, especially when doing battle with long and lean wrestlers. What Scrappy needs is another muscle stud. Enter Joey Nux. 

Joey and Scrappy struggle with endurance, each man preferring to go full force from the start and hope to not burn out. Joey traps Scrappy’s head between his things, then schoolboy pins the younger dude for an extended period of time. Muscle-on-muscle. Man-on-man. Joey get the first tap, practically crawling to change the score. 

As the sweat begins to pour down Joey’s back, Scrappy gains the advantage,attempting to pit his upper body strengths against Joey’s legs. Joey’s legs win. This turns out to be a total lop-sided match!

Customer Reviews

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very good

I love NHB fights. They are authentic and have that old school feeling!
Joey and Scrappy so sexy. More of that!!!

Overwhelming muscle

This is a great video to watch! You can feel Scrappy's frustration grow as he gets outmuscled and outclassed by the bigger Joey. The part where he commented that his arm almost gets broken is a real standout!

Great Muscle Domination

Scrappy and Joey are two amazing individuals. They are two of my favorite wrestlers and seeing them battle it out in a real setting was fantastic. Highly recommend.

Gabriel Martinez
Total Domination

It was boring with Joey totally dominating the match. Impressive muscular bodies. Wish it would have been erotic. That would have made it more interesting to watch.

This site was created for competitive matches. If you're looking for more fantasy stuff, check out my other site

Scrappy vs Joey for Realz!

The NHB matches appear to actually be real and unscripted, from the previews and pics that are posted. If so, I think you'll find a lot of fans will be attracted to seeing their favorite muscle guys wrestling for real... Muscle vs Muscle, with skill seemingly providing the edge...
Which brings me to my boy, Scrappy... His gorgeous looks and muscles appear to be dominated by more experienced wrestlers. Still, I give him major props for going for it!! Joey is a fun guy, and seems to enjoy giving Scrappy da bidness!
Looking forward to more to come~

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