Joey Nux vs. Ronnie Pearl (Sneak Attack)

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Preparing for a fight, Joey unzips his jacket revealing his chiseled abs and pecs. Covered with tattoos and a look lacking empathy he continues to unzip his pants. He’s geared to go. As Joey is psyching himself up Ronnie appears an hour before the match even starts to tell Joey that he forgot something. Too bad for Joey it was daylight savings time, Ronnie then thrusts a chair into Joey's abs. Joey keels over in shock and pain. The match has now begun.

I don’t think using a chair is legal but there is no reff back here. It’s just Joey, Ronnie and a metal folding hair. Several slams of the chair into Joey’s back and he is not looking good. The fight has barely started and Joey is already injured. Tossing the chair aside Ronnie goes for a more hands on approach as he twists and contorts Joey’s arm. Joey has not even had a chance to fight back at all this is not fair. Come on Joey try to make some leverage for yourself.

Finally after a clumsy grab by Ronnie, Joey was able to grab a hold of Ronnie briefly before Joey shoves his fingers in Joey's eye. Ronnie is fighting dirty. It seems that there is no honor or rules in this fight. Joey is hurting all over. Could this match be over in just minutes of starting? Does joey even have a chance at this point?

Even though Joey is in better shape than Ronnie it seems that that has no bearing here as Ronnie is tossing and twisting all of Joey's body parts. Joey is struggling to try to get some sort of upper hand, his muscles are bulging and veins popping out. He is breathing heavier now as he is gasping for air after several gut punches. Ronnie is just hammering into him. He grabs the chair once more and chokes Joey out with it.

Will there be a re-match if Joey loses? Can Joey recover from the dirty tricks of his opponent?

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 22 minutes

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