Joey Nux vs. Ronnie Pearl (Body Slams & Bear Hugs)

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Joey measures his arms at 19 inches. His quads are 26 inches and he’s symmetrically perfect. His muscles are still bulging and ready to be used against Ronnie.

Speaking of Ronnie here he comes talking shit again. “Close but not perfect”, Ronnie says he is the perfect wrestler. Joey doesn’t think this to be true as he grabs ahold of Ronnie and throws him across the ring into the pole. “I wasn’t ready” Ronnie proclaimed, to bad for him Joey doesn't care and tosses him across the ring again into the other ring. Joey is showing off those muscles and proving they are real as he easily lifts and slams Joey down to the floor.

Joey is letting Ronnie have it this time around. Ronnie is not liking being on the other end of this. He can barely get a word out before trying to catch his breath from being tossed. Choking on blood and saliva he is able to let out several groans before Joey chokes him on the rope. I am almost starting to feel bad for Ronnie as he gets thrown about like a doll.

Joey isn’t even putting effort in as he is “wrestling”. Just showing off how powerful and strong he is. I guess he wasn’t lying when he said he had a perfect body. This is made clear when small beads of sweat glisten off his chest as he chokes Ronnie with his boot. Ronnie is pleading for this match to be over but it seems that no one is going to stop it. Joey doesn’t seem to want this match to be over either. Too Bad for Ronnie.

“I’m about to make you my bitch” Joey said as he stomped repeatedly on Ronnies throat and chest. Ronnie is really suffering, he can only choke out some blood and the words, “my back”. There is definitely a visit to the hospital and chiropractor in the near future.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 21 minutes

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Anthony Frizzi

Awesome purchase! Joey Nux is muscle perfection! Love to see him vs The King Mr Cameron!


The video is overexposed. Too bad.

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