Joey Nux vs. Ricky Vegas (Rip and Strip)

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Strong and silent Joey Nux lays bound and beaten in the corner of the ring, clad in sexy white trunks, socks, boots, and a tank top. Ricky Vegas arrives in a black g-string and boots, ordering the groggy titan to flex. That’s right, it’s Ricky’s time to tame a sexy giant and make him do whatever he wants!

Handsome Ricky has always carried himself with a certain sensuality and confidence. His body is epically toned, and his hair fade is tight, as if he prepared especially for this little torture session. Joey Nux moans and thrashes, struggling against bondage and chloroform as small and sensual Ricky grinds him into the floor, demanding that he flex his arms, chest, and thighs. 

With each second of punishment, every pitiful plea from Nux, Ricky seems to grow more brutal. Soon he’s riding Nux, grinding his bulge into the giant’s back. Ricky takes his time, sensually and callously stripping Nux down to a blue g-string, spanking his sizable ass with barely contained viciousness. He facesits, pulls hair, punches, grinds his bulge deeply against Nux’s...never once allowing him to stop flexing. 

Total Runtime: 20 minutes, 19 seconds

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