Joey Nux vs. Orias

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Joey is flexing for the camera in his white singlet with red stripes and straps pulled down, showing off those HUGE muscles over every inch of his body. This guy is built like the old proverbial brick shithouse! There are muscles everywhere and Joey’s never been shy about using them to destroy anyone who steps in the ring against him. In walks Orias with his thin, but muscular body in his tiny blue trunks. He’s ripped, but not even remotely close to Joey in the strength department. About the only advantage we see is that he’s slightly taller than Joey. The attire for each wrestler shows off their manhood, leaving little to the imagination. Speaking of little, Orias comes up considerably short there when compared to muscle stud Joey. There is “discussion” between the two wrestlers as to who is the true Alpha Male, with each claiming the title. Orias foolishly asks Joey how he’s going to prove he’s the Alpha and then goes on to say he’s not that impressed. 

Joey wastes no time in going after his much weaker opponent and appears as if he’s just playing with Orias, putting him most any hold he chooses. Orias claims he is saving his energy for the second round and is just chilling. The sweat pouring off his body and grimacing face tell a different story. Orias does manage to squirm his way out and reverse things for a short while, but Joey doesn’t appear to be struggling to escape. As a matter of fact, he appears to be taking a break and resting while Orias continues his feeble attempts at making him tap. Orias does attempt an arm bar, but isn’t able to come close to fully executing the hold. Joey quickly has Orias in a schoolboy pin and flexes over his weaker opponent. Joey then puts Orias in an arm bar, leaving him helpless and hoping Joey won’t break his arm. 

We have to give some credit to Orias. He gave a better showing than most of us expected, but in the end, he didn’t have the strength or skills of Joey “Alpha Male” Nux. Orias is left fiercely tapping the mat in order to escape Joey breaking his arm. Joey plants one foot on the abs of his defeated opponent and flexes with his sweat dripping in a final show of superiority over Orias. It comes as no surprise that Joey walks away the victor. 

RUN TIME: 23 minutes, 33 seconds

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