Joey Nux vs. Max Ryder

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Max Ryder (5'11", 195 lbs, Ohio)
Joey Nux (6'1", 230 lbs, California)

There are some matches where you look at the two entrants and just say to yourself, “This is wrong. No way this should be happening.” Having Joey Nux take on Max Ryder in a NHB fight is one of those matches. And yet, as much as you may say that to yourself, you can’t help but not turn away, to see exactly how badly the much outclassed Ryder will lose to the bigger, more powerful Joey Nux.

This is a masterclass in one wrestler totally owning their opponent. Before long Joey has amassed a 5 point lead on Max. At one point you have to wonder if Max will be able to even score a single pinfall over the much taller, much more powerful Nux. It doesn’t seem as though he will, but Max has surprised us all in the past. He does not have any quit in him.

You have to hand it to Max Ryder however, agreeing to even get onto the mat with Joey. It shows the kind of competitor Max is, and how he is not intimidated by a larger or more powerful opponent. This is one of the more lopsided NHB contest ever film, and if you want to see the many ways Joey can make another man submit, this is definitely for you.

Total Run-time: 23 minutes, 12 seconds

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another good Match with my favo Joey. Love it! pls more ;-)

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