Joey Nux vs. Jaxton Wheeler (Bro Battle)

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Joey Nux is trying to start a bonfire when he is joined by Jaxton Wheeler who immediately begins making fun of the size of Joey's fire!
Insults are exchanged and before long the two are doing a test of strength on nearby mats to see who really is the alpha male.  It is obvious that Joey thought this would be much easier than it turns out to be, as Jaxton matches him at every turn.  A second test of strength in the form of an arm wrestling contest follows, but when no one scores a decisive victory the grappling on the mat quickly returns with Jaxton placing Joey in a devastating body scissors.
Although Joey is a big man, he definitely fits the definition of scrappy.  He always finds a way back and manages to turn the tables on Jax.  At one time even putting his opponent to sleep, Joey notches a fall using both his size and his wrestling prowess.  Jax is not without his own skills though and he does not take to losing even a single fall very well, and eventually comes at Joey with twice the determination.  A final test of strength between the two big men leaves one open to a final prolonged sleeper, going to slumbertown in the hands of his opponent.
The loser retreats to the outdoor shower for some rejuvenating and we get to watch as the water flow over the hard body of the individual.  The gear he is wearing becomes even tighter when they are wet and who doesn't love to see a well muscled, well endowed statue of a man dripping wet?  If you enjoy the sight of two big men going at one another and then seeing one of those taking an outdoor shower for your viewing pleasure, this video is for you!  A winner of a video on so many fronts!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 41 seconds

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