Joey Nux vs. Jax Quivers

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Just back from the football field, Joey is tired after a long day on the field. He continues stretching and flexing in the ring when he is joined by Jax Quivers, who is in decidedly different shape than Joey, who instantly points it out to him. In retrospect, that may not have been the best thing for Joey to do, as Jax quickly delivers a low blow to the footballer and then the match is on!

Clad in Canterbury Rugby gear, Joey is an athlete, and he plays sports that have definitive rules, whereas Jax is a wrestler, who lives by the motto that there are no rules, just pain. A knee to the back of Joey, crushing blows to his thighs and a well placed foot in the crotch serve to only further weaken Joey for what comes next.

Beaten down by a camel clutch, Quivers then chokes Nux with his ties. Later lead around the ring like a dog with the tie as his leash, the humiliation of Joey reaches it’s crescendo. No part of Nux’s body is spared the punishment as Jax deliver’s blow after blow to Joey’s abs, thighs, chest and balls. Joey has rarely (if ever) experienced such a complete and total deconstruction! Carted off for more fun at Jax’s expense, we’ll leave to your imagination what fate awaits Joey!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 25 minutes, 25 seconds

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