Joey Nux vs. Javier The Hunk (Mat Rats)

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I have to say this about Javier the Hunk - he has guts.  There is no challenge he will not take on, no matter how insurmountable it may seem on its appearance.  I will also say this, he may have a death wise, because when he steps onto the mat to take on Joey Nux in an NHB bout, he may be the only person who possibly thinks he has a chance at victory.  Anyone with any semblance of sense would say, for the health and well-being of Javier, he should just forfeit the match and live to wrestle another day.
Unfortunately for Javier, he does not take this route and instead begins the very long, and obviously very public beatdown he is about to endure.  It is only a few scant seconds into the match that Joey's enourmous thighs are already wrapped around Javier's head, as his face grow red from lack of bloodflow.  A quick 1-0 deficit soon balloons to 3-0, then 5-0, then 8-0.  Each time, Javier not only is more humiliated in his tap outs, but becomes more disoriented on the mat.  Unfortunately, there is no one here to throw the towel in for Javier and end the beating.
As if I have to tell you, Javier manages little offense.  Oftentimes Joey seems just a little annoyed by the much smaller Hunk, keeping Javier at bay with just a hand on his head the way an older brother would keep a younger brother from getting in any shots.  At times so out of it that he falls into the mats on the outside of the wrestling area, in the end, Javier manages to make it to the time limit, albeit with no falls to his credit, and just a lot of pain to try and work through as he moves to whatever the future holds for him.  Hopefully it will be someone more of his size and weight!!!
Total running time:  20 minutes, 29 seconds

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