Joey Nux vs. Gabe Steele

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There’s something so perfect about a pro grudge match between Joey Nux and Gabe Steele. Both dudes are larger than life, playful, aggressive, and a perfect blend of funny and sadistic. This time, they’re both decked out in shiny, patriotic gear. Joey doesn’t much care for Gabe’s mimicry of his look, and it’s not long before Gabe is locked up in Joey’s powerful grip with his fingers shoved deep in his mouth in a humiliating hold.

Joey slaps and pounds Gabe’s torso, chest, and gut...wrapping his legs around his thick, sexy trunk and crushing his windpipe in the process. Nipples are pinched, twisted, pulled, and pummeled...causing Gabe to wince and whine in pain.

As the sweat courses down Joey’s abs, he lifts big Gabe like a rag doll and tosses him around like a laundry bag. Now they’re both sweating, which makes it easier to pull off gear! Hair pulling, ball abuse, pile drivers, boots in faces, and tons of sweat define this serious squash!

Run-time: 21 minutes, 26 seconds

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