Joey Nux vs. Elite Eliot

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Joey Nux (6'1", 230 lbs, California)
Elite Eliot (5'11", 195 lbs, Illinois)

The muscle cover model Joey Nux let’s us in on his pre-match warm up in a red speedo, giving us a chance to take in each beautiful muscle. He’s an Adonis. 

Taking him on this match is the one and only Elite Eliot. He enters for his own warm up, wearing a yellow bikini that showcases his giant bulge. You could chip a tooth on it! 

Joey loves to leave of trail of bodies, all defeated wrestlers who thought they could take him on. Eliot is up for the challenge and the two lock up!

Eliot is a more experienced wrestler, but sometimes muscle wins out over  technical. Joey is all over him, mounting him from the top, bottom, side and well, everywhere! Each long sweaty hold puts Eliot at the feet of Joey, and it gets a little humiliating for Eliot! He’s a pro wrestler with a technical background, and Joey is on him like white on rice! 

This match takes a unique turn... as opposed to Joey’s usual primal anger on display, he seems to... like this opponent. He is constantly on top of Eliot, locking him in holds he’s never gonna get out of. He also begins to rub his own muscled body all over Eliot. It begins to look like a no holds barred match might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 35 seconds

Customer Reviews

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Tom Ryan
Challenge Joey

Hot match and love Joey but he needs to take on someone his own size that can challenge him ;)

Beast Joey

love NHB Fights, love this Beast Joey...but again: He needs a fighter in his weight class!!! :) 230 vs. 195 to easy!! but good fight...

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