Joey Nux vs. Drew Harper (Spanking)

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Joey Nux has a problem with Drew Harper.  Drew recently had a match with Scrappy in which he spent a large amount of time spanking Scrappy.  The problem?  Joey believes that only he has the right to spank Scrappy.  So in order to resolve the issue, Joey has made it his job to teach Drew a lesson by spanking him relentlessly in their next match.  It is not long before Joey has Drew in the perfect position for him to begin  an extended spanking match with Drew as the recipient.
Joey trash talks the entire time, explaining how he is making Drew his little "brat" as he strips Drew of his silver square cuts to just a thong.  Whether draped over the ropes, or put out and face down on the mat, Drew's ass is a perfect target for Joey to spend some time slapping it, sometimes almost like he is playing the drums.  Drew's ass begins to turn a shade of red in short order, obviously getting more and more tender as the match progresses.  Drew is forced to apologize to Scrappy by Joey as well.
Drew's pleas for mercy go unanswered by Joey.  The usually confident ant cocky Harper is nowhere to be found here as he moans in pain.  There is no time that Joey does not take an opportunity to slap Drew's ass, with the final indignation the traditional bent over Joey's knee, his thong pulled down to expose his entire ass, and Joey goes to town.  It is obvious how much Joey enjoys what he is able to do to Drew, who is forced to admit that Joey is his "Daddy".  If you enjoy a match of total domination, with a supersized helping of spanking to top it all off, this match is for you!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  26 minutes

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