Joey Nux vs. Drew Harper (Oil Wrestling)

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Let’s be honest, Joey Nux is a mountain of a man. He has the height, the strength, the physique, everything you could possibly want in a wrestler. Unfortunately, for Drew Harper, those are NOT the things you want in an opponent. Drew’s mission…. how do you develop a fight plan against a man like that? First thing, keep the big man down and stay on top of him. Then, a foot to the crotch will hurt even the biggest man.

Drew finds that it is a tall order to keep the big man down though as Joey seems to just be playing with Drew, crushing his skull in his vice-like grip and restricting the amount of air Drew can take in. Drew has some serious muscle envy though, feeling Joey’s arms, pecs and abdomen. When he tries a cheap shot, Joey is ready to block the attempt.

Drew is convinced he can beat the bigger man though and complains the entire time that “no one can beat Drew Harper”. In my experience, people who refer to them in the 3rd person are usually subject to defeat. In the end, Joey leaves the smaller, less experienced man laying in the middle of the mat, where Drew can win in the only place possible, his dreams.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 25 minutes, 52 seconds

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