Joey Nux vs. Dr. Maniacal

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There are few times that Joey Nux can say that he has faced someone bigger than him in the ring. However, when he meets Dr. Maniacal in the squared circle that is certainly the case. Immediately at a disadvantage from the bigger Maniacal, an initial test of strength, foot to the crotch and splashes into the corner have the usually dominant Nux fe

But the beating is just beginning. Multiple crotch grabs, nipple twists and headlocks await the big man, until he is unceremoniously placed in the corner, legs spread apart over the second turnbuckle, and the evil Dr. Maniacal then goes for the field goal, the pain exploding through Joey’s body. In an extra humiliation, Nux is put sleep in a powerful hold, only to be woken by a wedgie from his red thong.

If you are a fan of seeing two big men go at it, or always wanted to see the normally cocky and dominant Nux be totally owned and beaten from pillar to post, then this match is for you. Dr. Maniacal gives no quarter, and Nux is left begging to be left alone, but alas a final indignation awaits the prone wrestler, a massive Vader bomb by Dr. Maniacal on the unable to defend himself Nux. A masterclass in destruction!

Total Running Time: 20 minutes, 16 seconds

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