Joey Nux vs. DJ Beckham Jr

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DJ Beckham is gaining a reputation for being quite the trash talker in W4H. I don’t think he has ever faced any one quite as big as Joey Nux yet, however. Never one to shy away, the obvious size difference does not prevent him from getting in Joey’s face. Even losing several tests of strength don’t dissuade DJ from talking smack, as he uses one to gain an advantage. Breaking the rules and using a rope to choke the bigger Nux ae just some of the things DJ employs to try and get the win.

You won’t keep a man the size of Nux down for long, however, and he is none too happy at how DJ has decided to play the game. Using his monstrous size to stretch DJ in abnormal ways, and his python like legs to squeeze the smaller man leave Beckham screaming for pain.

Joey has obviously decided that anything DJ can do he can bigger and with more power and so for every move DJ puts on Joey, the big man eventually turns around and gives it right back, only supplied by a much bigger force and power. Will the cunning and wit of DJ manage to keep the bigger Nux on the mat and secure the victory, or will the size and power of Nux rule the day. The answer may surprise you!

Total Run-Time: 20 minutes, 53 seconds

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